Tutoring Centre for languages , communication and creativity
The Centre was founded by the creative writer, educational psychologist and journalist Dmitry Tyotkin, in 2022, in order to explore and promote contemporary techniques of accelerated learning. A further goal was to address, in detail, various multidisciplinary areas of creativity and language use. Geographically, the Centre is located in the historical district of Saint Petersburg, Russia. It provides, nonetheless, a range of both online and offline events and workshops, as well as lessons and events in different locations and settings.

Our Mission
For groups, the mission of the Centre is to provide contemporary tutoring facilities in a training format, but it also offers individual lessons and coaching sessions. The Centre welcomes collaboration in many forms and it invites numerous guest speakers. Its governing principle is to identify an individual approach for each participant, based on his or her capacities, background, wishes and motivations. We prefer accelerated and communicative approaches in teaching, based on the most advanced, scientifically proven methodologies. The Centre promotes cultural exchange, together with a respectful attitude to all the cultures represented by its students and teachers.

About the Founder
Dmitry Tyotkin is a qualified and experienced philosopher, creative writer and theatre director. He has participated in many international workshops on the themes of creativity and psychology. A former university lecturer in psychology, he has organised, and led, a wide range of international cultural and art-criticism projects. He has also published creative writing in a variety of genres. Now, his ambition is to create a forum for individuals who are interested in teaching and learning as professional activities. The Tutoring Centre itself, meanwhile, will sponsor both free and commercial content and activities.

Details of educational programmes, and the certified qualifications of the founder and other teachers, can be supplied on request.

Main Area of Expertise

  • Languages

    Languages and communication (including Russian as a foreign language - from spoken language and practice in real contexts, to academic language, literature, philosophical \ scientific texts, and preparation for formal exams)
  • Business Training

    Business communication, business training, and HR coaching
  • Creative writing

    Including consulting, editing, mentoring and “ghost writing”
  • Psychological Training

    Psychological consultancy, and training, in the fields of education and professional / personal growth. Our approach focuses on learning styles, techniques, and strategies that reflect and nurture professional identity, and our methodology also supports lifelong learning
  • Public Speaking

    Public speaking and communication skills, with individual lessons and mentoring as required
  • Translation

    Intercultural communication and translation

The center regularly holds open and free educational events that take place at various urban venues. In addition to central and peripheral libraries (Mayakovskaya, Frunze, and others), recently, there has been a public series of events in the "Open Space" in the center of St. Petersburg. The events are diverse in their specific themes, but they are all united by the search for "no man's land" – a territory where different sciences, cultures, and ideologies intersect. How do we encounter a different language, identity, perspective on the world? How do we preserve ourselves while remaining open to interaction?

Mentoring and consultancy in the realm of literature are delicate matters due to potential conflicts of interest and the intricacies of the work. Some seek a mentor-editor, while others wish to undertake an individual course in 'writing mastery.' Some expect their theses to be simply developed or audio interviews to be transcribed with minimal editing. Some want to discuss their concepts, some are looking for a 'business copywriter' or a 'literary ghostwriter,' and some require full-fledged co-authorship.

Over the course of several years within our center, dozens of projects of various orientations have been realized: from corporate books about companies and children's science-popular books to memoirs of musicians nominated for Grammys, original genre-specific authored books, and poetry translations.

Each project is discussed individually. Our team comprises both Russian-speaking and English-speaking proofreaders and editors. If you aspire to write your own book, feel free to contact us. We will find a collaboration format.

For your perusal, we're sharing an interview with Dmitry Tyotkin about his most daring personal book project: Learn more
Our Clients
"I know Dmitry as my student of psychotherapy, but I also supervised his training sessions. I do recommend him for his creative innovative approach in business training, soft-skills coaching and psychological consulting. He combines deep knowledge, creativity and a balanced professional attitude."

Mark Sandomirsky
psychotherapist, neurologist, PhD in Medicine
"I recommend Dmitriy as personal tutor of the English language. In a very short time, he helped me with an intensive course to improve my English to international standards. Now, I successfully work for a big international company. It gave me a chance to relocate and join the international community. Without his course, this opportunity would not be available for me. "
Programmer, international teacher of programming, Chernogoria.
"I have known Dmitriy as a colleague for several years. (I’m a professional English teacher of 25 years’ experience, specialising in professional courses for adults.) Dmitriy is a highly knowledgeable, charismatic and dedicated teacher, and his courses are both instructive and enjoyable. I have no hesitation in recommending his programmes, especially for those who are interested in improving their English for career-related reasons."
Damon Hager
Veteran English instructor, Doctor of History & Civilisation of the European University Institute, Florence, Italy
"It was all quite exciting, but I want to highlight our story-making process. This gave me some experience of turning my thoughts into well-constructed sentences, and It was funny too. The films "My Fair Lady" and " The King’s Speech" were useful in terms of accents.
Also I want to thank Dmitriy for connecting me with Felicia, who became my first English-speaking pan friend. And of course our studies helped me to prepare for Moscow State university. I do recommend Dmitry’s lessons as a fun and productive way of improving your English."
Sophia Varuhiceva
MSU student
"I am a successful doctor of both European and Ayurveda (traditional Indian) medicine, but Russian was not a simple language, even after my Sanskrit and English. I definitely do recommend Dmitry as a teacher of Russian as a foreign language. Our intensive course was very useful for me, and now, I use Russian in my work at a highly professional level. It's definitely worth the investment. "
 Paresh Jadhav 
"Dmitry was invited by me to our university, for a short training programme about soft-skills and career psychology. It was a useful and interesting educational event for all participants. I recommend Dmitry for all those who are interested in modern educational technologies, especially in the area of public speaking, learning strategies, motivation."
Director of a university educational centre.
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